Graduate Research Studio:

As part of a larger research project entitled Estudo Comparativo para a Reabilitação Urbana PT_HR Algarve-Dalmácia [A Comparative Study of Urban Rehabilitation in the Algarve, Portugal and Dalmatia, Croatia], this work considers how future tourism development might be better leveraged to create more resilient coastal environments, using the Algarve and Dalmatia as comparative case studies.

With the economic crisis in Southern Europe, tourism has become a more important part of the local economies of Portugal and Croatia, prompting our research to ask such questions as:

  • Can tourism development be channeled to rehabilitate derelict structures instead of expanding to new greenfield sites?
  • Can tourism development reinforce local economies such as agriculture, aquaculture and silviculture?
  • Can the massive transportation infrastructure development necessary for accommodating the short peak seasons in these countries be   better conceived to support the local communities during the off season?
  • How can the rehabilitation of derelict tourism structures, the rural working landscape and transportation infrastructure lead to more resilient coastal leisure environments?

My contributions to this research primarily focused on the latter two issues within the Algarve and the region’s capital city, Faro. To view the entire publication please click here.


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